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Neither of you should have romantic feeling to the third

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For swinger couples, threesomes can hurt your relationship, because adding another person into your sexual life could change the dynamic of your relationship. People can be easily emotionally attached to the person who they are sexually related to. Therefore, before having 3som, you should be clear with each other that your relationship is strictly about sex and nothing more. More importantly, the third should better be someone who you don’t know before. If you husband is suggesting you should have threesome with some girl from his work, then you should be careful with their relationships. There might be something going on between them. Don’t ask me why. I learned it from my personal tragedy.

I once had a boyfriend during my college. We went out for nearly three years. Three years is quite a long time compared to those newly lovers. We made plans that we were going to get married after we graduated. Our relationship was pretty dull back then. We both knew that we need to do something to spice things up, or both of us would be bored to death. My boyfriend firstly bought up the idea of having threesome hookup. I thought it might be a good idea, since our sexual life was pretty dull too. Back then, we would only make love once a week. I think that is far from enough. I wanted to be that kind of girl who has a sexually insatiable boyfriend. I heard that 3sum would spice things up and strengthen a relationship, so I agreed.

For the first couple of weeks, we would find our threesome partners in a tinder for threesome dating apps. Having threesomes with strangers is fine to me. I think it would give me more privacy. I wouldn’t want anyone to find out that we are living a swing life style. However, after a few times, my boyfriend suggested that he wanted to have a threesome with someone who we know. He thought it would be a better experience. He managed to persuade me into it. I agreed. When I asked him who we should invite to our threesome, he said he knew a girl from his work, who is also a swinger and she is single. When he said that, I had this instinct that he and the girl had a thing to each other. I was a little angry, but I didn’t’ show it on my face. I rejected him. I said that it should be someone who I knew if it is a girl. If it was a guy, then he gets the chance to pick.

A few days later, I went to his company to pick him up from work. I didn’t inform him beforehand. When I arrived, I saw him entering the car of a girl and he kissed her on the lips. I couldn’t move for several minutes and I watched them going away. Then I received a message from him saying that he has to work overtime that he will be late home tonight. We are getting a divorce now.

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