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My First Casual NSA Hookup with A Handsome Guy

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When I was in my early 23s, my whole dating life followed a very specific pattern. I met a cute man, we hung out together, and had a great time, went out for the second time, and then third time, and then I received the call. “This is not what I want. If you are okay we can be pure hookup partner for friends with benefits.” But this is not what I have heard. I haves a personal translator who once resided in my brain would listen to these words and then rearrange them to suit what I want to hear: I know I said that I just want to connect, but if you persist long enough, I realize that we are suitable and we will live happily together, just like what I want to hear.

So, I have known what all these adult friends want is not to have a deeper connection, these adult friend finders just will be crushed a month later, he still only wants to have casual hookups.

I will repeat the same pattern over and over again, listening to the same words. But I am still very willing to be with these adult friend finders. After about five such situation, I finally got tired of it. Those who only want casual hookups are so selfish. One night, I cried to my friends at a party. All of them nodded in agreement. They have also been dealing with no stings attached sexual behaviors that are waiting for opportunities. Honestly, we are tired of it, neither of us would like to come across it again. However, I’m positive and optimistic person, so I continued dating, carefully guarding against men who told me they just wanted a fwb hookup dating.

On a Friday night, I have made two dates for myself. I was planning to have a drink with the number one bachelor, and then date another random with cocktail. When I went to the bar to meet my first date, I found a very attractive, handsome guy right in the corner, writing something in a notebook. I knew my first date is a complete waste, I have been secretly flirting with that man in the corner. After only one drink, I told the guy I was with that I had to go,call a taxi for him, and sent a text message to my second date pretending to have a headache. I strode back to the bar, sat next to the corner man, and ordered a drink.

That was my first time of casual hook up, I feel surprised that I love the way.

His name is Sam, a director. He is writing a new script for next few months. We immediately came together because both of us love beer, drama. And for the next four hours,we just drank and talked. And then we went to anther bar that has divided a plate of corn flakes, and then drunk together in a taxi back to my apartment. This is the first time to try casual nsa hookup, what surprised me is that I feel great.

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