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How to date an older woman?

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We live in a really interesting time, we live in a time where it’s accepted to date all kinds of different people, different sizes, different shapes, different ethnic-ties, different ages and even others. Recently, there;s been a little suggestion that if the woman is older and the man younger, it is a cougar kind of relationship and if it is cougar relationship, you might think predatory,but let’s not go to here because I think that’s just such an unfair categories categorization. So, let’s just older women younger men, does it work well.
The fact is there are all kinds of people who are completely attracted to an older woman, and a lot of older women really dig young men. The interesting thing is biologically they are actually better suited sexually, because men are more vigorous when they are younger and women start to get into their sexual prime when they are older, So actually kinds of works the difficulty comes with two major areas.
In these two major areas, I think one is there could be some criticism from friends and family. Either way what are you doing with that older woman, what are you doing with that baby, are you robing the cradle, you know really it’s none of their business, who is that really smart person said the quote, your opinion of me is really none of my business. I think the important thing is to really know what your hookup relationship is, what you want out of that relationship, how you share, how it helps you grow, that’s what’s really important.
The other kind of difficulty is that it’s possible the man has this young harder body and this woman well, she’s got some ages on her and she’s experiencing a little gravity pull. So sometimes older women are really afraid to undress in front of young men, sometimes they forget these men are pursuing them, they are not thinking about that, they really like their confidence, their assurance. The fact that they don’t whine, they are not dram queens, they have their own money, they know what they want, they will tell you what they want. That’s very attractive and when older women realize that that’s really what men are looking for, then things can relax, but it’s nice to know a possibility that she’s concerned and then you proceed accordingly.
Maybe you have that little cougar fetish going on, go fir it, just know what you are getting into. If you are dating somebody 15 years older and you are in your 40’s, you need to realize that you guys ate at two different place in your life. She might not be looking for anything serious, maybe she is. But it’s all about setting up your expectations. So most of times, that’s a complete generalization, feel free to ignore me, it can be a very educational experience.
In a word, dating with older women is not as hard as you thought, but most importantly, you should know what you want firstly.

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