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Having one night hookup with the wrong guy

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As a college student and one night hookup enthusiast, I was often told by my friends and roommates that never hookup with someone when you are too drunk to remember a thing. They think being drunk can cause damages, because sometimes, you won’t remember to wear condom or keep boundaries if there is any. I never took it seriously. As a matter of fact, my most tinder hookup happen when at least one of us was drunk, partly because girls and also guys are more likely to hookup with someone when they are drunk. As a single male, getting girls drunk is also a very effective and easy way to get her into bed with you. I never encountered misfortune or other uncomfortable situations in this, mainly because I couldn’t remember it even if there was such circumstance. That was also the reason why I didn’t care it, until several days ago.

I had a girlfriend who was pretty as hell. She and I just started to go out for several days. She was quite a catch. We met in a bar and started talking. Soon, we ended up in her apartment having one night hookup. I never thought I would be in a serious relationship with her and neither did she. It was after our one night hookup. I left without my coat and then I called her to get my coat back. We arranged to meet at a coffee shop. I bought her a coffee and we sat down there and talked for a while. With some talking, we were pretty surprised to find out that we had so much in common. Ironic, right? After we slept with each other, we finally found we were alike in many ways, because we didn’t have much talk the other night. It was because of that day, I found myself having a crush on her and she felt the same, so about two weeks later, we started to go out. Here is the best real hookup apps.

However, I found her seeing another man when she was in a relationship with me. I was pretty depressed about it, so I decided to have a serious talk with her about being exclude for each other. I was waiting for her at a bar where we agreed to meet each other. She didn’t come, saying she had another plan. I guessed it might be another date with another man. Filled with anger and depression, I drank myself. I was so drunk that I couldn’t even remember which room my girlfriend was at. I went to her dorm to find her, but there was no one who could tell me where she lived. So I decided to go with my instinct.

I entered a dorm which I was pretty sure it was it. There were two girls playing video game on their desk. I sit in one of their bed and asked them where was my girlfriend. Neither of them would answer me. I invited a girl to sit with me so I could tell her about my relationship. She came to sit by me and listened very carefully. Then we started to make out. Seeing this, the other girl decided to leave the room, so I had a one night hookup with a girl I didn’t know and spent a night with her. The next day when I woke up, I found I was at 4th floor and my girlfriend was at 5th. I won’t blame her for seeing other people now.

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